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Responsible investment

Our commitment to responsible investment is underpinned by our consideration of ESG issues in the acquisition and stewardship of our investments.

The value of individual assets is affected by ESG factors. They are considered as part of the investment process so we are better placed to deliver sustainable, long-term investment returns for members.

An assessment of ESG factors is important for the risk management of investments. Consideration of ESG factors in the investment process helps assess risks and opportunities of investments, particularly over the longer-term.

  • Environmental

    Issues include climate change, impact on local environment, pollution, waste, policy and regulatory changes.

  • Social

    Issues include health and safety, human rights, labour standards, workforce diversity, equal opportunity.

  • Governance

    Issues include board composition, risk management, transparency, market conduct, executive remuneration.

ESG and our investment process

We apply our ESG Policy across all investment options and apply consideration of ESG issues in the acquisition and management of our assets.

We engage with the companies that we invest in and use proxy voting to influence their behaviour to act responsibly as we exercise shareholder voting rights. Our Proxy Voting Policy sets out how we exercise our voting rights across our investment portfolio. 

We may not invest in a sector or company if we consider an investment is not appropriate for the fund to the extent that it may have a negative impact on the returns and/or the reputation of the fund. Tobacco is currently explicitly excluded from the investment strategy.

  • Commitments from our investment consultant

    We use an investment consultant, Patrizia (formerly Whitehelm Capital), to provide advice on investment strategy and manager selection. Patrizia is a signatory to the United Nations backed Principles for Responsible Investing, a member of GRESB Infrastructure and a supporter of Taskforce for Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

    Patrizia plays a key role in the identification of and investment in direct and infrastructure assets. 

    Patrizia Infrastructure considers that the long-term, capital intensive nature of infrastructure means it is exposed to sustainability risks and opportunities and that the proactive management of these issues can significantly contribute to both value creation and material risk reduction for investors. The consideration of sustainability factors is integrated throughout its investment processes, from acquisition through steady state asset management to divestment, and the sustainable transformation of infrastructure is an integral part of its asset management processes.

  • Sustainable Responsible Investment option

    We offer a Sustainable Responsible Investment balanced (SRI) option for members who want to incorporate social and environmental values into their super investments and avoid some industries.

    The investment philosophy is for exposure to an actively managed diversified portfolio of investments across a wide range of asset classes, whilst incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) screens to ensure only those companies with strong ESG credentials make it into the portfolio.  Investment stewardship actively engages with companies to manage risk, effect change, and realise potential value over the long-term.

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