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When it comes to investing, there's no one size fits all solution. That's because everyone has their own risk appetite, investment timeframe, and financial objectives for their retirement.

Prime Super offers you the choice and flexibility of 11 different investment options. You can choose any combination of investment options and you can change your options at any time.

When you join Prime Super you can choose where your money is invested. If you don't make a choice, your money is automatically invested in our MySuper option, where most members are invested.

For members joining our Income Stream products, you will however need to make an investment choice. If you need help at any point, our advice team is more than happy to help guide you. Contact us here.

Changing your investment choice is also straightforward - you can make an investment choice at any time via your MemberOnline account, Mobile App, or by completing an Investment choice form.

Each investment option has different levels of risk and return and it's important to carefully consider these prior to making a decision.

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