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For most working Australians, superannuation plays an important role in securing a stable financial future. For some, this may be the only other income in retirement along with the age pension. For others it may be the single biggest investment they make aside from buying a home.

The good news is, super continues to be one of the most tax-effective long-term savings vehicles in Australia.

It's your money so it's important to know how you can make super work for you.

Why Prime Super?

Before joining just any super fund, take a close look at what's important to you. It's your money and your future. Prime Super is an independent profit-for-members superannuation fund which means we are run only to benefit members. We offer members many benefits and services including:

  • a choice of 11 different investment options;
  • a range of competitive, flexible and cost-effective insurance options. A default level of insurance cover is available to eligible members without the need to provide medical information;
  • competitive fees;
  • access to financial planning services;
  • tools and calculators, including a secure MemberOnline site for online transacting and a mobile app; and
  • free nationwide education and financial planning seminars

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