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Protect my salary

Income Protection insurance covers you in the event that you become ill or injured and are unable to work for an extended period of time.

Change, cancel or apply for cover

You can apply for Income Protection insurance or change or cancel your existing cover via your MemberOnline account or by completing an Insurance Application/Variation form and returning it to us.

Income Protection insurance may provide you with a regular income of up to 85% of your monthly salary for a period of up to two years, giving you peace of mind knowing you will continue to receive a regular income. (Note: if your cover exceeds 75% of your salary, up to 10% is paid to Prime Super as a superannuation contribution).

Cover begins after serving your selected waiting period - 30, 60 or 90 days - and premiums are priced accordingly.

Health division members

If you are a member of Prime Super's Health division, you will receive four units of Income Protection insurance* as part of your default insurance cover when you join the Fund (age criteria & eligibility conditions apply).

You may increase, decrease, or cancel this cover at any time, to suit your individual needs and circumstances.

If you were ill or injured and unable to work, how would you cope financially? Protect your salary with Income Protection insurance.

Making a claim

To make a claim under your existing Income Protection cover, call 1800 675 839.

*Eligibility criteria, conditions and exclusions apply.  For more detailed information about Income Protection insurance and premium amounts, see Section 8 of the relevant Product Disclosure Statement and Member Guide.