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Fund it with a retirement income stream

For most people, super is designed to be a valuable source of income in retirement.

So as you approach retirement, it makes sense to start thinking about how you will fund your life after work and part of that is working out how to make best use of your money in super.

An income stream account is established by transferring a lump sum from your super account into an income stream account. You then draw down an income or a lump sum on a regular basis or have the flexibility to change the withdrawal amount at any time.

Open an income stream

Choose the retirement income stream option that suits you

Transition to Retirement Income Stream account - for those approaching retirement and still working,
Retirement Income Stream account - for people who are fully retired.

A Prime Super Income Stream account gives you the freedom to:

  • set-up regular payments or vary them to suit your needs (minimum and maximum payments apply)
  • choose how your money is invested
  • pay no tax on payments from a retirement income stream account from age 60. If you are aged 55-59, the taxable portion of your income stream is taxed at your marginal tax rate (plus Medicare levy) less a 15% tax offset
  • tax free net investment returns for Retirement Income Streams
  • any money left in your account when you pass away goes to your estate or nominated beneficiary
  • access your money when you need it (eligibility rules may apply). 

To find out more, read the Product Disclosure Statement - Income Streams (PDS).

Start your Income Stream account today!

Opening an account is easier than ever with our online application form.

Open an income stream

If you're eligible and already have access to our secure MemberOnline site simply log in, go the Super tab, click Pension application, and complete your online application. It's that easy!

If you prefer paper, complete the application form in the PDS - Income Streams and return it to us.

Retirement income streams can be complex and may have tax and other implications. There are also strict rules around accessing your super, how much you can transfer into a retirement income stream and operating an income stream account. For these reasons, we recommend you carefully review the PDS - Income Streams and consider obtaining independent financial advice before you make a decision about opening an income stream account.

Talk to someone in the know.

Speak to a super specialist about your retirement options. Call 1800 675 839 or book an appointment today!

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