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Total & Permanent Disablement claims

If you have suffered an sickness or injury that has left you permanently disabled and unable to work, and you have Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover with Prime Super, you can apply for a TPD benefit.

1. You will need the following information

  • your full name and date of birth
    - your member number would be helpful but it's not required
  • details about your injury or sickness
    - the date on which your injury first occurred or your sickness first presented itself
    - details and the date of your diagnosis
  • details about your work status
    - the date you last worked
    - the number of hours you worked per week leading up to your injury or sickness

2. Start the claims process

There are multiple ways you can start the claims process - simply choose the option you're most comfortable with.

  • lodge your claim online
    Login to your secure MemberOnline account and lodge your claim online. There are no forms to complete and for many members this is the easiest way to lodge a claim.
  • call the Prime Super team on 1800 675 839
    Give us a call on 1800 675 839 and let us know you would like to make a TPD claim. We will confirm your details and advise you of the documents and information you might need to provide for your claim to be assessed.

If you're eligible for tele-claims, we'll assign you a dedicated case manager to work with you to gather all the information required to lodge your claim over the phone. If you are ineligible for tele-claims or would prefer, we can send you the claim forms you'll need to complete. When completing the forms, you'll need to include any supporting documents that have been requested by us.

When assessing your claim, the Insurer may also ask you for additional information relating to your claim. We will always contact you in writing or by phone if this is the case so you know exactly what is required. To ensure you have all the help you need, we'll give you the name and contact details of your own dedicated Claims Officer who will assist you with your claim and help answer any questions you may have along the way.