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Prime Super recommends that employers register online to manage the superannuation payments of their employees. Super payments must be made to the ATO electronically in a standard format and Prime Super can assist you to satisfy the requirements through a clearinghouse facility.

Register to pay contributions

If you are a new employer we encourage you to join online at Employer join online

Pay contributions online

When you have finished the registration process you will be given an Employer ID number so that you can login at EmployerOnline  which is a secure online tool that allows you to manage your super obligations.

You can use EmployerOnline to:

  • Submit and track your contributions
  • Add Employees
  • Manage your employee's details

If you are already registered as a Prime Super employer, log into your EmployerOnline account and follow the prompts to register additional employees and make payments for employees who are members of Prime Super.

Superannuation Clearing House

Employers can pay super commitments for all their staff in one transaction with Prime Super's clearinghouse service.

With many employees now able to choose the fund that their super contributions go into employers are likely to be paying super into a number of different super funds.

This can be a complex and time-consuming process and the clearinghouse service allows employers to pay all their super contributions in a single online payment. The clearinghouse then distributes employee super payments to all the funds on your behalf.

Once employers are registered for EmployerOnline they get the option to sign up for the clearinghouse. Importantly, the clearinghouse satisfies all government requirements - known as SuperStream - and is free for all Prime Super's employers.

For employers who do not have online access or would prefer to use paper forms.

Prime Super has developed the following forms that employers may require when managing their employees' super arrangements with Prime Super: