Death & TPD cover

With Death & Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) insurance, you and your family are protected, should the worst happen.

Death and TPD cover provides an insured lump sum in addition to your super account balance if you become totally and permanently disabled or die.

Key features

  • $1.11 cost per unit per week
  • Cover to age 70
  • Choose between unitised and fixed cover
  • Death only cover available if you choose not to have TPD cover
  • Terminal illness cover included at no additional cost

Terminal Illness cover included

The Death cover component of your Death & TPD insurance also includes Terminal Illness cover which provides an insured lump sum in addition to your account balance if you are diagnosed as having a terminal illness with a life expectancy 24 months or less.

Do I have enough cover?

When you join Prime Super, you automatically receive a default level of Death & TPD cover  – in many cases, while it offers some protection, it’s usually not enough to provide for you or your family long-term. You can log into your MemberOnline account and use the insurance needs calculator to help you work out how much insurance is right for you.

Increase your cover

You can apply to increase your cover (including applying for an occupational rating) via your MemberOnline account or by completing an Insurance Application/Variation form

Make other changes to your insurance

You can also decrease, cancel or change your cover via your MemberOnline account or by completing an Insurance Application/Variation form.

Don’t want insurance cover? You can opt out.

If you have decided you don’t want insurance cover with Prime Super, if you opt out within 60 days of receiving your Welcome Letter, we will refund any premiums you might have paid in that time. If you cancel your cover after that time, we will not refund your premiums.

Making a claim

You'll find information about making a death or TPD claim here.

Get help

We can help you determine the right cover for your needs. Call us on 1800 675 839.

Eligibility criteria, conditions and exclusions apply. For more detailed information about insurance with Prime Super, including premiums and coverage, refer to Section 8 of the relevant Product Disclosure Statement and Member Guide.


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