Supporting your mental wellbeing during COVID-19

Published on 03/08/2020

With changes to our way of life, working arrangements, finances and even our health, it’s not surprising that people are feeling heightened stress and anxiety in response to COVID-19.

A study1 tracking the mental health effects of the pandemic has already shown a rise in anxiety and depression amongst Australians, and there are fears that other more severe mental health issues might develop later on.

Early intervention and your mental health

You may be responding to the circumstances in your own way; however, early intervention can help maintain mental wellbeing or prevent any mental health issues from escalating2. Small actions and choices can make a big difference, but it takes practice.

That’s why Prime Super’s life insurance partner, TAL, in partnership with leading mental health organisation Assure Programs, is providing you with access to content and resources to support your emotional and mental wellbeing during this challenging time.

Click the links below to access wellbeing content.

1 Living with COVID-19 restrictions in Australia (2020), Monash University Human Research Ethics project ID: 24080

 2 Early intervention in mental illness