I need financial advice

As a Prime Super member, you have access to advice relating to your super or income stream account, your insurance cover or your overall financial position.

Contact us on 1800 675 839 to obtain advice over the phone or alternatively contact a financial planner directly to discuss your needs.

General advice and limited advice are provided at no additional cost to members.

Types of financial advice

Your individual circumstances will determine which type of advice you require – general, limited or full advice.

General advice is guidance we offer in relation to your super account, is of a general nature only and will not take into account your personal objectives, financial circumstances or needs.

Limited advice is also available at no additional charge from qualified financial planners over the phone. They can assist you with making decisions about your super account.

Full financial advice is detailed personal advice covering your financial position as a whole and is provided by our financial planners usually during a face-to-face meeting. Financial planners can assess your finances, investments and assets and provide advice to help you reach your personal, financial and retirement goals. Fees may apply but may be covered using funds from your super account. (The payment of fees is conditional on advice related to your interest in the Fund).

Our limited advice service is provided under an arrangement with Link Advice Pty Limited, AFSL 258145, ABN 36 105 811 836. Financial planners employed by Prime Super are authorised representatives of PGW Financial Services Pty Ltd (PGW) AFSL384713, ABN 15 123 835 441. If you are provided with personal financial advice you will receive a document called a Statement of Advice which will provide you with information about the advice given to you, the basis upon which that advice was given, information relating to commissions, fees, charges and any relationships that may exist which could potentially influence the advice provided. Prime Super is not authorised to provide personal financial advice.

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