Product disclosure statements

Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) and related Member Guides provide important information about investing your super with Prime Super.

Key features

  • Product information including super, investments and insurances
  • Applicable fees and charges
  • The benefits and risks of investing
  • Application forms, should you wish to join Prime Super.
Super Health division Education division Income Streams
PDS - Super PDS - Health division PDS - Education division PDS - Income Streams
Member Guide - Super Member Guide - Health division Member Guide - Education division  

PDSs may assist you as an employer or potential member, to assess the merits of joining Prime Super and to compare this product with other products you may be considering. 

Member Guides form part of the Product Disclosure Statements for Super and Health divisions. They contain detailed information about the features, fees and administration of Prime Super's products.

Prime Super's Super division is open to anyone who is able to choose their super fund, while the Health division is specifically for those employed in the health, aged care and related industries.

Income streams are suitable if you are looking for a Transition to Retirement or Retirement Income Stream account, as you approach retirement or fully retire from the workforce.

Please read these documents carefully before making any decision and call us on 1800 675 839 if you need any further information.