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Super is designed to provide for you in retirement. However, with life expectancies on the rise, there is a real chance you may outlive your retirement savings.

The good news is, super continues to be one of the most tax-effective long-term savings vehicles in Australia. See how far your super could take you using the super calculator.

Top-up your super

In addition to the Superannuation Guarantee (SG) contributions made by your employer, you can also top-up your super by contributing to your super in other ways.

Each year the government applies a limit on the amount you can contribute to your super without paying extra tax. We’ve outlined the new contribution caps the Government has introduced from 1 July 2017 read more here.

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To find out more about growing your super, call the team on 1800 675 839 or, get in touch with the local contact in your area.

Note: strict limits apply to super contributions. See the ATO website for super contributions caps.

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Super calculator

How far will your super go?

Will you have enough super to last you? Use the super calculator as a guide to see how making extra contributions along the way can make a difference.

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Protect the things that matter most

Insurance is one of the key features of your super account. Make sure you have the right cover.

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