Changing jobs

Just because you change jobs, doesn’t mean you need to change your super fund. No matter where your career takes you, it’s easy to continue to grow your super savings with Prime Super.

When you start a new job, simply fill in a Choice of Fund form and provide it to your new employer – it’s that easy.

You wouldn't open a new bank account with each new job, so why do it with your super account?

The Choice of Fund form contains information about your right to choose your own super fund, Prime Super fund details and a complying fund statement which may be required by your new employer.

Fund Name: Prime Super
ABN: 60 562 335 823
Fund USI: 60562335823001
Address: Locked Bag 5103, Parramatta NSW 2124
Phone: 1800 675 839

Benefit from great returns

Our MySuper option is a top performer returning an impressive 12% to members in 2016/17. A great result compared to the median return of just 7.58%*.

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Protect the things that matter most

Insurance is one of the key features of your super account. Make sure you have the right cover.

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