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Prime Super acquires Victorian wind farm

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Pushlished date icon Published on 26 Apr 2021

We are excited to announce the acquisition of a 19.5 megawatt wind farm located in Woodhouse, Victoria, which increases our investment in renewable infrastructure.

The purchase of 100% of the issued equity of Mortons Lane Wind Farm results in this renewable infrastructure asset being proudly Australian owned. We worked closely with our infrastructure manager, Patrizia (formerly Whitehelm Capital), to finalise the investment in April 2021.

Approximately one hour North of Warrnambool, Mortons Lane Wind Farm's performance places it in the top 15 wind farms in Australia.

In operation since 2012, Mortons Lane Wind Farm generates approximately 63.69 GWh of clean electricity which is enough to power more than 12,738 households in Victoria and reduce up to 68,148 tonnes of CO2 annually*.

Mortons Lane Wind Farm has been designed "to ensure the best result with the least impact to the community and the environment" and is a strong contributor to the local community where some Prime Super members live and work.

This investment is well-aligned with our investment philosophy. This is an investment into regional Australia that not only delivers returns to the members of Prime Super, but also provides employment opportunities for Australians, said Chief Executive Officer, Lachlan Baird.

This is truly an investment into regional Australia which adds to our pool of infrastructure assets. We expect it will make a positive contribution to the strong long-term investment performance of the Fund, and the investment returns of our members.

wind farm with sheep and turbines in background

For more information about Mortons Lane Wind Farm, including its location, operation, local impact, and more, visit

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