A 5-Star Rating for our account-based pension

Published on 14/09/2020

For the third year in a row, we received a 5-Star Rating for our account-based pension from ratings agency, Canstar. The 5-star rating signals the outstanding value provided by our income stream pension product.

An account-based pension allows you to draw down your superannuation gradually while investing the balance. 

Our account-based pension offers flexibility when it comes to receiving your payments and a number of different investment options.

Sixty-three account-based pensions from 54 providers were compared by Canstar to determine which ones offer outstanding value to consumers.

Canstar’s methodology takes both performance and features into consideration. Star Ratings are given to individual investment options based on their performance, rather than overall products with multiple investment options.

According to Canstar, our account-based pension improved on its 2019 performance, and did well across the Balanced and Growth investment profiles.

For more information, see Canstar.


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