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We can search for any extra accounts you may have and help you transfer them into your Prime Super account, saving you time, fees and paperwork.

Every extra super account you have could be costing you around $10 a week. That’s potentially thousands of dollars you may be wasting in extra fees over your working life which would otherwise be going towards your retirement savings.

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(We need your tax file number to search for your super, however if we already have it in your account record, you don’t need to resupply it here.)

I hereby authorise Prime Super to use my personal details, including my TFN, to use the ATO’s Super Match facility to search – now and forever – for any lost, unclaimed, inactive or active super I may have with other funds or the ATO, as permitted under the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (Cth) and Regulations.

I understand that all of the information I provide – including the TFN held by Prime Super – must be correct before this search can be conducted on my behalf. If the information is incorrect, Prime Super will notify me directly and I will be responsible for updating the information by calling 1800 675 839 or doing so directly via the secure section of the Prime Super website at

I understand that the process of finding my super may take some time and it could be a number of weeks before I receive the paperwork I need to complete, sign and return to Prime Super, in the mail.

I understand that my other fund must give me information about any exit or withdrawal fees. 

I understand that if I choose to leave my other fund, I may lose any insurance entitlements I have with them.

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